Installation of Digital TV System

In order to incorporate with Hong Kong Government's announcements for the Digital TV before end of this year, the first-satellite is now presenting our new services to provide the installation of Digital TV. After confirming the technology pattern by OFTA, we are now available for the installation services of Digital TV that allow our customers to enjoy the advantages of Digital TV as soon as possible.

Digital TV is a transmission system far more efficient and flexible than the current analogue system. It allows broadcasters to offer viewers a range of new and different services. The possible benefits include:

high definition digital images
widescreen pictures
high-quality audio and surround sound
multi-channel programming
support standard definition TV (SDTV) and high definition TV (HDTV) programs
closed captioning of programs for the hearing impaired
multi-angle views and enhancements during selected programs
interactive TV services such as home shopping, computer games, etc.
datacasting services such as financial data, weather updates and traffic news, etc.
The government will switch off analogue broadcasting and adopt the digital broadcasting on 2012. Digital TV uses digital modulation data and requires decoding by a standard receiver with a set-top box. As a result, all buildings may need to be installed the set-top box system. Our professional technicians and our high quality technical supporting services should fulfill your needs. We are now offering a series of installation discounts. If there are any enquiries, please feel free to call 2521 1882 or email to contact our marketing department.

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