The Empire Hotel Kowloon
Next Media Apple Daily Building
Vantage Park
Other Private and Commercial Buildings
Job References
1. Office of the Commissioner of
  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
16. New Town Management Co.Ltd
2. Standard Chartered Bank Building 17. Hang Yick Properties Management
3. CCTV Building 18. Hong Yip Service Co.
4. Vantage Park 19. DTZ
5. The Fortune Garden 20. Goodwell Property Management Ltd
6. Vienna Garden 21. Cayley Property Management Ltd
7. Hop Yick Plaza 22. Wilson Property Management Ltd
8. Prat Mansion 23. Citybase Property Management Ltd
9. Cherry Court 24. Kong Shum Union Property
Management Ltd.
10. Serenity Place 25. Cherub Ltd
11.Mandarin Court 26. Funning Property Management Ltd
12.Green Villa 27. Rex Property Management Ltd
13.Cronin Garden 28. China Overseas management Ltd
14.Princess Terrace 29. Hsin Cheong management Ltd
15.Clague Garden 30.Rex Property Management Company Limited
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